1. AP Items

First, check out how AP item usage changed with the MASSIVE AP ITEM OVERHAUL! Rylai's got some new friends and just look at that Mejai's winrate! Oh, and no one loves Rageblade.

2. AP(ish) Champs

Next, take a look at how your chosen champion who could semi-reasonably build AP items is doing! Everyone's picking up Viktor in Solo Queue, no one chooses Zilean (still), and Elise has become a god.

3. Your Favorite Champ!

Finally, see how your favorite champion is building now. Some started picking up Rylai's (like the jungle E's), a lot just tweaked their build priorities, and others, like Rammus, thought the changes were just "ok." And Jungle Kayle is a thing now.

Sadly, we cannot present comparisons for Caitlyn or Jayce, since no one played them in our 5.11 dataset! And we can't show you Tahm Kench either. Because his shield is too big. And he wasn't out yet.

5.11 Items
5.14 Items